15th June 2021

NRLA - Photographic Evidence

Once a tenant vacates your property at the end of their tenancy it can be difficult to assess 'normal' wear and tear from that caused by mistreatment.

Photographs are a good way of keeping visual evidence of the condition of a property as well as inventory reports conducted at check in and check out. These two pieces of documentation combined help to solidify a case should you need to retain the tenants deposit for repairs.

Whilst it's important to conduct these checks it's also incredibly important to highlight the responsibilities of the landlord and the tenant at the very beginning of the tenancy so both parties know their roles in regards to maintaining the property.

However, should you need to put a case together to support retaining a tenants deposit for repairs, there are some steps you should follow to help the adjudicator deal with your case.

Step 1: Ensure all before and after images of the property are of a good quality, in good lighting and are labelled with correct and corresponding room titles. You should also avoid providing tonnes of irrelevant images just ensure there are enough clear images that support the point you are making.

Step 2: Be sure to take the pictures at the exact point you check the tenant in and on the day they vacate the premises whilst you complete the reports. It is also a good idea to have the tenant present at the time so they are in no doubt that the pictures are a true likeness.

Step 3 - If possible date the photos and get them signed by the tenant to confirm that they accept the properties condition upon arrival and once they leave. That way they can again verify the properties condition and that none of the images have been edited to appear worse/better than they are in reality.

Property Industry Eye - Is the conveyancing industry at its limit?

It's no wonder that the conveyancing industry is creaking under the pressure at the moment. Rightmove has reported that there are currently a whopping 700,000 homes across Britain nearing completion. This is 78% higher than in May 2019. There are also the highest number of houses with the 'sold subject to contract' status on the platform in over 10 years!

Property transactions registered in England and Wales rose by 26% in the first quarter of 2021 to over 240,000. In quarter 4 of 2020 this figure was closer to 192,000.

With the June deadline fast approaching conveyancers are feeling the pressure more than ever as the whole of Britain rushes to complete their purchases and with the government still backing initiatives like the first home scheme this will only continue to add pressure to the conveyancing market.

Fingers crossed everything will cool a little down following the stamp duty holiday!


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