What if I buy at the peak of the market and house prices crash?

  • We will always ensure that we follow market trends closely

  • We always buy to a qualified demand and ROI

  • We do not take on any properties with a LTV over 75% and all of our property deals are stress tested to withstand sudden/large interest rate increases

How reliable are you?

  • We only buy to a qualified demand

  • We aim to buy a minimum of 20% below market value (BMV)

  • We have an experienced and trusted team of experts to carry out all of the work

What is the risk if something like Covid-19 happens again?

  • We always invest at a low ration meaning we aren't managing hundreds of property investments at once

  • This means that retained profits and rental protection insurance protect current investment projects

  • Also, all of our investment properties are stress tested at an interest rate of 6%

Where are your rental areas?

  • Our investment areas are northern industrial towns in the UK

  • We look to buy in areas with high rental yields and a qualified rental demand to ensure monthly cashflow

  • We target a minimum of 25% ROI and 8-10% rental yield

How big is your portfolio?

  • We think it is important to be open about our portfolio

  • Please visit our Portfolio page for the latest information

Do you accept angel investment?

  • We don't use angel investment for every property deal

  • Please reach out to find out more information if you are interested in investing with us