Jake Barlow

Jake is a Portfolio Director at Badger and Nash and an Agile Qualified Programme Manager. With extensive experience in Banking, Retail and Cyber Security. Jake has worked in both internal and customer facing roles in these industries, in  start-ups and large businesses. Jake now focuses on investor relations and leading property deal negotiations. Jake is also a huge F1 fan!


Nicola Maudsley

Nicola is our Senior Account Manager at Badger and Nash and a Project Manager with a wealth of experience. Nicola has worked in Product Management, Branding and Customer Care and now heads up the logistics behind the machine. Nicola is also a keen poker player!


Doug Barlow (MEIT)

Previously CEO and Programme Director of Multi-million £ businesses. Doug manages our business strategy and Refurbishment here at Badger and Nash. Doug is always open to dialogue, building trust and helping overcome business problems. Doug enjoys being outdoors and is a keen walker.

Jane Barlow

Jane specialises in Property Management and supports our operations here at Badger and Nash. Jane currently manages multiple properties both inside and outside of the Badger and Nash Portfolio. Jane is also an English Literature graduate and is currently studying her Masters in Greek Classics.